The Frame Game – EAS

The Frame Game

This one is for my friends who sat in on the EAS session first thing Monday Morning.

On July 15th, 2019 I presented this talk on how hive design and dimensions, especially in frame design, can impact how bees operate inside the hive. They key is paying attention to ensure that you do not violate bee space, and recognizing when bee space violations are causing problems.

Along with demonstrating where things can go wrong, the talk discusses some ways to compensate for problems.

The goal of the presentation is:

  • Understand bee space
  • Know the basics of constructing hive components and the differences where tolerances can vary
  • Know how these subtle differences can result in problems
  • Review of some ways to prevent or deal with the issues

To access the downloadable PDF of the slides, click the link below.

EAS The Frame Game presentation
2019 – EAS – The Frame Game
Eastern Apiculture Society