About Me…

Hi my name is Kevin Inglin.  I’m a hobby beekeeper from central New Jersey.  Married (Sharon) with two boys (Dan and Brian) we all pitch in to take care of the bees out in the yard; the photo above is me with my son Daniel.

We started beekeeping in May of 2008 and maintain anywhere from four to a dozen hives along with hives of different form factors (Top Bar, Layens, Warre, etc.).  Sometimes I have many types in service and other times it is scaled down – it changes over time.

I actively participate with the Northwest New Jersey Beekeepers Association that serves Hunterdon and Warren Counties in NJ.  I am a past president of the organization and serve as their webmaster and YouTube administrator.

I obtained EAS Master Beekeeper certification in July 2019 and I can be found training locally and regionally throughout the year on various topics and produce the Podcast (since April 2010) on the side throughout the year, putting out on average an episode every two weeks.

In real life I am a Digital Capability Manager for Medical IT for the Bristol Myers Squibb company in Princeton NJ.  Beyond Information Technlogy, I have a diverse background having gone to art school, having owned and operated a sign shop for a decade, and also having for decade as a senior 9-1-1 operator and emergency center operations/emergency medical dispatch trainer and instructor.

Outside of my work and hobbies, I sometimes describe myself a ‘professional volunteer’ and have volunteered for various positions in the community since my teens: Volunteer Rescue Squad and Fire/Rescue for 10+ years, Town Emergency management coordinator, Soccer Administrator and coach 10+ years, and some time spent with local Cub and Boy Scout troops.

Besides beekeeping I also try to carry some other hobbies, watching NASCAR, online sim racing, and when I’m not beekeeping I enjoy spending weekends going racing with my brother and nephews (my nephews’ racing team).

About the Site and the Podcast

What I use:

Typically I authored my sites by hand but this one has been easier on me by employing WordPress. The graphics are managed with Adobe Photoshop and sometimes Adobe Illustrator.

The podcast itself is recorded via a Cubase digital audio workstation coupled with a Heil microphone. Video produced for the site is taken with either a Panasonic X920 Handheld Video Camera or a Canon SLR Camera.  Remote recordings are managed with a Zoom recorder and a plethora of other recording adjuncts.

I host the website through a contracted web service provider and do all the web, graphics, and video work – mostly using the Adobe Creative Cloud tools.

Contact Us

I keep it simple.  If you want to reach out, please feel free to send an email to kevin@bkcorner.org.

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