Rewarding – EAS Master Beekeeper

Master Beekeeper Pin
Master Beekeeper Pin

I passed my final test and achieved the certification for Master Beekeeper.

Back home in New Jersey chilling out before going back to work tomorrow. I have talked many times of the quest to pass all four of the E.A.S. Master Beekeeper exams and earn certification.

I know that some listeners who follow the show are curious as to how it turned out for me after the conference in South Carolina this year.

I am happy to report that I passed the last test required and was one of the 6 (out of 24 that were testing) that become E.A.S. Certified Master Beekeepers this year.  It was a significant amount of work and honestly I am relieve to have completed the journey.  I now am really looking forward to coming back to the podcast more regularly and hope to have even more time to support the beekeeping efforts I am involved in.

It was a rewarding journey, one that is not for everyone I suppose, but now that it is done…. well it does feel like a great achievement and makes it that much sweeter. 
I am glad that I stayed with it until seeing it through and appreciate all of the well wishes I have received already from those who were at the conference and came to say hello.