Dealing with Wonky Comb

This presentation is one of the lessons created for the Managed Mentoring Program. As a general practice, this will likely benefit all beekeepers so I had the notion that it would be beneficial to share to the podcast audience.

The agenda in the lesson

  • WONKY COMB: What is it?
  • WHAT CAUSES IT: A list of potential reasons that result in improper build out of honeycomb
  • PLASTIC FOUNDATION: Possible problems reviewed
  • COLONY POPULATION FACTORS: How the colony size and makeup impact building wax
  • ENVIRONMENT: Setting up the hive interior to be conducive to wax building – do’s and dont’s
  • RECOVERING: Resolving problems after the occur
  • 10 FRAME: Reminder that it is important to have all 10-Frames well formed. Reiterating an approach to get the outside frames built out.

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