Mite Treatment Options

This presentation was hosted for the Berks Schuylkill Beekeeping Association, Berks County Pennsylvania
Berks County Agriculture Center – February 24th, 2024

The objectives of the presentation are:

  • VARROA CAUSE HARM: Understanding how Varroa Cause Harm to Individual Bees and the Superorganism
  • MITE BEE RELATIONSHIP: How mites require honey bees to reproduce
  • MITE/HONEYBEE DEVELOPMENT PHASES: How the mite and bee development phases intersect
  • WINTER BEE SURVIVAL: Identifying how mite populations impact winter bee survival
  • MITE TREATMENT PRODUCTS: A list of approved products and information about their application
  • ALTERNATIVES TO TREATING: Considering different variations on Treatment Free approaches
  • HYBRID APPROACHS: Suggested blends of treatments and treatment free practices

To access the downloadable PDF of the slides, click the link below.