Swarm Prevention – Midstate

Swarm Prevention Presentation

This one is for my friends at the Mid-State NJ Beekeepers Association

On April 4th, I presented a talk on swarm prevention at the Rutgers Ecocomplex in Bordentown NJ. My goal for the presentation was to cover swarm prevention in a few ways

  • Basics of a swarm
  • What triggers a swarm
  • What are indicators that a swarm is imminent
  • and What takes place in the moments leading up to and after a swarm

For those that sat in, you’ll notice an update to the slide deck I presented. In the spot where I said what to do in your yard, the diagram didn’t quite portray the steps for relieving brood and storage congestion so I broke it out in the narrative and added a slide with a better representative image. These are the slides that say Damn It! šŸ˜‰ in case you were wondering which I’m speaking of.

To access a downloadable PDF of the slides click the link below.

Access Swarm Prevention – Mid-State Beekeepers Association