Non Langstroth Hives

Non-Langstroth Hive Designs

This one is for my friends from the Essex County Beekeepers Association (NJ) who saw this presentation at the January 2020 monthly meeting of the association.

On January 14th I presented this talk on hives that are not the Langstroth form factor. There are many, many hives out in the world to hold bees other than Langstroth and this presentation walks you through some of the different ways to house bees.

The goal of the presentation is:

  • Baseline of hive form factors prior to Langstroth
  • Quick insight on hives that influenced L.L. Langstoth that obviously were not his!
  • Creative hive ideas that are concepts or different hives in use.
  • Hives of the world – Dadant, Top Bar Styles, Layens, Dadant Blatt, WBC, Warre, and others
  • A discussion about my experiences – both learned, and hands on, while keeping bees in hives other than typical for the U.S.
  • And a quick note + tips on trying alternate hive types.

To access the downloadable PDF of the slides, click the link below.

2020 Non-Langstroth-Hive-Designs presented to ECBA