Blogging – Day 1…

I’m not sure that listeners of the podcast come to this website for any other reason then to follow links in the show notes passed along in episodes.  I’ve been thinking lately that many of the topics I  cover can be given a little more personal touch if I passed them along in writing and more importantly provided a means to support things when images are needed to document what is being discussed.  Certain topics from the podcast could use a dedicated post.

So with this post I’m going to give something new a try and I’m announcing that i’m going to start writing some features now and again on topics not in the show or topics that I had in the show that warrant a stand alone call out.  I’ll share that my intention is to allow myself to add my commentary and perhaps not stay as neutral in sharing opinions but fear not, i’m not looking to incite anarchy.  I’m just saying that i’ll be a bit more candid if I feel I want to express some of my personal opinions.  We’ll see where my voice takes me.

So with that, welcome to blogging everyone.  Hope to have you come along for the ride.