NEW, BKCorner YouTube Channel (Please Consider Subscribing!)

Hi everyone.

A New BKCorner YouTube Channel Is Born
I wanted to announce that I have started a new YouTube channel for the podcast.  If you have been listening for a while you know that I oversee the Northwest NJ Beekeepers Association Channel and have posted just about all of the video work that I do there.  I decided recently that I have some topics that are too podcast specific for the association and it seems a little to BKCorner promotional so I am going to separate the interests and post more of the podcast focused topics on a dedicated channel for BKCorner.

I could use some help getting started
In order to get a dedicated URL from YouTube you must have at least 100 subscribers.  Here is your mission if you choose to accept it.  Please visit the YouTube URL below and Subscribe.  Once I have 100 subscribers I believe I can use the URL which will be far better than

NWNJBA YouTube Still Going Strong
If you are a subscriber to the NWNJBA Channel don’t fret.  We fully intend to continue posting videos there about our activities with Northwest.

So Help Me out, if you please
Visit  and click the Subscribe Button to help get us on our way.

While you’re there, check out the 1:1 I did with Rich Morris from Broodminder 🙂