Layens Hive Maiden Voyage

Moving honey bee frame with bees to a new hive.

Finally graduated from my Layens Nuc to a full size hive. This video shows the process of moving the frames from the Nuc to the full-sized hive.

Background on the Nuc

I purchased the Nuc from Leo Sharashkin after a beekeeper meeting in Philladelphia. I did not have any bees to install into the Nuc until last year. I started the Nuc Hive in the summer of 2019 and left it to its devices. I did not treat the hive and it was super strong going into winter.

I insulated the Nuc and thought it did well overwinter but succumbed in early February (probably due to mites). While I was super disappointing at the loss, I did have the fortune of having 7 built out frames and excess honey and knew that the first of any swarm captured would go in the box.

I walked out to the hives on April 29th and saw a swarm in the brush next to the apiary. It took a little doing but I was able to get it installed after locating the queen.

Looking for the queen after shaking the bees into this cardboard box

I moved the Nuc hive to its pad after letting the swarm settle in until I had the full-sized hive ready.

The full sized hive was crafted by local beekeeper Roger Gares. I spoke with Roger several years ago about the hive and we had an agreement to barter for the hive with an exchange of bees.

I did the deal with him and brought the hive home and began preparations for it to go into service. I simply painted it BKCorner Gold and White with black trim and brought it out for the switch over.

I am excited to get this hive in service and it so happens that the day before Sharon and I caught a swarm together and installed it into the Warre hive. So glad to have that going again too…

I have a few odds and ends to take care of. I intend to create a follower board and I have some foundation coming from Leo and intend to use foundation so the bees can build out the hive faster. I want it fully built out by July. I also need to build a feeder frame and I intend to put some insulation in the roof.

Wish me luck in the journey as I am super excited about this hive. In studying what is available, I really anticipate that this is one of the best form factors available and have high hopes that it will be a productiv eand exciting hive to manage.

This is the Layens Nuc from last summer.