Alternative Hives: WAS Northern Lights Beekeeping ConferenceAlternative Hives:

This presentation was hosted Western Apiculture Society Northern Lights Beekeeping Conference

The agenda of the presentation is:

  • BEE “VESSELS”: The origin of hives – Pre Langstroth and Langstroth and beyond
  • ALTERNATIVE HIVES: Envisioned and, in the marketplace
    Creativity of hive design – a gallery of hives
  • HIVES IN PRACTICE: Envisioned and, in the Marketplace
    Hives in use around the world: What, where, and why…
  • HIVES AROUND the WORLD: My Journey Abroad, and the Hive and People Encountered
  • HIVES AT HOME: My Direct Experience with Different Hive Form Factors

To access the downloadable PDF of the slides, click the link below.