Getting Started in Beekeeping

Getting Started in Beekeeping

Getting Started In BeekeepingForward

Each year winter turns to spring and so comes the influx of new beekeepers.  I am often asked about how to get started in beekeeping in my travels.  When this time of year comes I reflect on how useful it would have been if a guide that covers the basics was available.  I decided to do something about it and put it in writing (and audio).  I hope others find this guide useful.

It should be noted that there is some extra guidance for those who live in New Jersey.  Given that I’m based in New Jersey, I do have a large audience in the state and I have have catered to them in some ways.  For the general populus I think this is helpful as it provides some insight as to how NJ does it.

Below you’ll find two ways to get acquainted with the guide. There is a PDF version of the guide and an audio version that is in the style of an audio book.  The intention is to update the guide each year as things go.  The audio book is probably a bit unpolished but good enough is perfect.  Please excuse if it has some glitches, I’ll take some time to go back through it at some point and fix some of the pronunciation errors and editing.

Getting Started

Electronic Version

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Audio Book Version

Getting Started in Beekeeping – Audio Version