Beekeeper’s Corner Hive Stand

This page provides insights to a hive stand designed to get my hives up off the ground.

hivestand dimensions


– All the pipe is 1″ PVC Pipe.
– The three way corner pieces were purchased from Lowes.  The corners were not available from our local Home Depot.  If you can’t find the special corners look to the web. The corners are designed for furniture and they’re more structurally sound then the standard 90° corners.
– Straight Pipe advice:  Sometimes the stores sell pre-cut pieces.  It is far cheaper to purchase full 8′ lengths and cut them yourself.
– Consider painting the pipe or buying colored pipe for furniture (a little expensive but it comes in colors).  A common product to paint plastic with is Krylon brand plastic paint.
– There are many ways to cut the PVC pipe but three of the most common are:  Cut the pipe with a PVC pipe cutting tool.  Cut the pipe with a hacksaw.  Cut the pipe with a chop saw with a thin kerf blade.

Parts List

(2) 19 inch straight pipes
(4) 9 inch straight pipes
(4) 11 inch straight pipes*
(4) three way corners
(6) 12 inch straight pipes.
(8) elbow corner pieces
(12) T-Connectors
(16) 2 inch connector shims

* The 11 inch pieces could be switched to 12 inch pieces.  The original design was kept narrower to fit on my platform.

Hive Stand Preview Video

Photo collection with measurement shots. Click on image to go to collage.


Video Preview

Quick clip of dimensions and insights