About Me…

Hi my name is Kevin Inglin.  I’m a hobby beekeeper from central New Jersey.  I am married and have two boys.  The photo above is me with my son Daniel.  In real life I am a Service Assurance Manager for mobile computing at a pharmaceutical company in Princeton NJ.  I also owned and operated a sign shop in the past and worked for 10 years as a senior 9-1-1 operator. Beekeeping is a passion.  I’ve had many hobbies and careers in the past including 12 years in Emergency Services (volunteer EMT, firefighter, emergency management coordinator), online sim racing and broadcasting. I’m at the tail end of many years of serving in a local soccer organization and most recently served as president and still coach my youngest sons soccer team.  We also participated, Sharon and I, in several of the the local scouting organizations.

When I’m not beekeeping I enjoy watching live and NASCAR auto racing – my family owned race cars and we went all over in my youth.  Whenever I can we sneak away and participate with my nephews’ racing team, running all over the northeast region.

About the Site and the Podcast

Typically I use Visual Studio author web sites but for this one I’m trying out WordPress. The graphics are managed with Adobe Photoshop and sometimes Adobe Illustrator. The podcast is recorded through a freely available tool called Audacity. It’s an amazing tool. I use a Shure Beta 58 microphone to record and/or a Logitech Headset. Video produced for the site is taken with either a Panasonic X920 Handheld Video Camera, our Panasonic Lumix DMCZS7 point and shoot camera or my awesome Nokia ICON Windows Phone. Images taken for the site are also shot mostly with the Panasonic cameras or my ICON cell phone.  Occasionally the audio is recorded with a Zoom H2 personal recording device